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Xavi Adserà Martínez joins the AEYONS Board of Directors

We're thrilled to announce that Xavi Adserà Martínez, Head of Development at Ad

Launching the AEYONS Learning Hub

Does your organisation need a virtual learning hub to connect teachers and students on a global s

Jialin Wu joins the AEYONS Board of Directors

We are excited to announce that Jialin Wu, Head of Digital Strategy at Virgin Media O2, has joine

Nicola Moore joins the AEYONS Board of Directors

We're thrilled to announce that Nicola Moore, Deputy Chief People Officer at Virgin Media O2,

AEYONS signs deal with Dakia Digital

Today Aeyons, a leading Musical EdTech company founded in Melbourne, has

Looking to add a new string to your bow?

Melbourne music platform connects world-class musicians with students a

AEYONS & the Australian Music Examinations Board sign MOU

AEYONS Chairman David DeCampo and Australian Music Examinations Board CEO Bernard DePasquale sign

AEYONS & the Australian World Orchestra sign MOU

David De Campo ( Chairman of Aeyons) signing an MOU with Gabrielle Thompson ( MD of the Australia

AEYONS Investor presentation in Foshan

Christopher Neil - Aeyons investor presentation Foshan.

AEYONS & Global Village sign MOU

Raymond Dong (Global Village-CEO), David DeCampo & Christopher Neil - signing ceremony Aeyons

AEYONS presentation in Beijing

Christopher Neil & David DeCampo presentation Beijing


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